All all all is a residency based exhibition space that wants to challenge ideas of the finished art product, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and investigate art practices of care. Our first exhibition opens Sep 9th 2022.
All all all has its home in Læderstræde 15, in the backhouse of Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in 2022/2023. During this year, through five media-based artistic investigations, All all all facilitates processual exhibition formats that wants challenge ideas of the finished art product, slow down artistic production and consumption, and activate different art practices of care.

The project is founded on the premise that our space and resources are shared and handed over again and again to a number of artists who in different ways translate and negotiate terms of care in their work. The artists are given an office/workshop/laboratory place in All all all that they can use freely. They each unfold their practice in a personal processual exhibition format that evolves during their residency and expands through cross aesthetic collaborations and events, dinners, performances and more.

The Archive:
As residencies and exhibitions change throughout the year, All all all will keep a permanent open archive collecting traces from the work of the artists that have exhibited in, collaborated with and shaped the space. The archive will be a growing collection gathering the processes of All all all itself, displaying the history it generates and a way to document the collective project.

All all all is run by curator Klara Li with Nanna Saplana Thorning as administrative partner.

Graphic design by Alexis Mark

All all all is kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond and Knud Højgaards Fond