When All all all opens its third exhibition it will be fundamentally different from our previous ones, as artist Julie Falk’s project opens as a complete exhibition. With it we introduce a show that is interested in autonomy, vulnerability and mutual dependence. No Core is the culmination of a process the artist started in the summer of 2022, where her residency then already began. The project is developed som Falk’s own experiences, when she in July last year wwas diagnosed with cancer in the form of ALL - Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. No Co investigates and treats what it now means to be an artist, and also mother, human, in the siutation where the body is dependent on exterior struktures. What is the support, the systems you give into, but also build yourself? It does this through mediums of video and abstract sculpture in both hard and soft materials like sea shells and bronze. In one piece the artist has used the method ’Cire Perdue’ meaning ’lost wax’, where the wax is lost in the molding process. The element of the wax can be traded with other materials that melts, like synthetic materials. Locks of Falks wigs are transformed into small pointy bronze weapons. With this Falk explores what the supportive structure is and does, how it can be translated into her practice as a sculptor. Come by and celebrate the opening with us, we look very much forward to welcoming you into it.

Jan 13th-Feb 18th 2023
Open: Thu-Fri 13-18
Sat: 11-16

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About the artist:

Julie Falk (1991) is a Copenhagen based visual artist and holds a MFA from Malmö Art Academy. She works in an intersection between sculpture and concept, where everyday elements are merged with materials from a context of sculptural production. Through a physical and formal language she engages with themes as interdependence, autonomy and temporality.